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TRRS emulator lambda probe (oxygen sensor) for Suzuki Intruder M1800R / VLR1800 / VZ1500.

price: 2 100 р.

TRRS emulator oxygen sensor (O2 - "snag" lambda-probe) for European options of motorcycles Suzuki Intruder M1800R 06-07 equipped with oxygen sensors in the exhaust system, as well as models of the Suzuki Intruder VLR1800 / VZ1500.

European motorcycle models with oxygen sensors in the exhaust system, when you install custom exhaust systems and pramatarov, the error of the oxygen sensors. The error comes on the dash is a flashing red light that warns you that the system works correctly and the "brains" can't see the data with a disconnected lambda probe. In addition, the blinking of this light is very annoying. The solution to this problem is setting the emulator oxygen sensors in a regular socket motorbike that act as "dummy" for the bike's computer. With these emulators, the system is restored to the normal mode, and flashing the error disappears.

The price in the item card is shown for one four-pin sensor!
Please note that sensors on the same motorcycle can vary from 1 to 2, depending on its year and model. The sensors come in four-pin and two-pin - it depends on the model year of the motorcycle. Before ordering check not only the year of manufacture of your motorcycle, but also the number of sensors and contacts in them is not difficult!

The two-terminal oxygen sensors are installed on the motorcycles are always a couple and with their card you can see at this link...

Installed in the regular seats. The installation process does not require any special knowledge.

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