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Payment and delivery.

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A product that is in stock you can pay on the spot at pickup no pre-payment. Please note that pre-paid goods is not reserved and not delayed!

Before arrival we recommend you check the presence of your product over the phone or make reservations on the website so that you can be contacted in his absence.


For products in stock, but you want the shipping calculated shipping and added to the cost of the goods. The cost of shipment depends on the weight, the size of the parcel, the shipping method chosen and distance of the recipient.

Sending is carried out after 100% payment of the goods and delivery cost.

If the item is made to order or bespoke.

In the case that the production order needs time or it comes directly from the manufacturer, for its design and sending to production as required 100% advance payment including shipping cost, if required.


We provide both paid and free delivery of goods throughout Russia, and also in the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. The way goods are tracked on the postal service website by entering a code parcel that is provided when you submit your order. Tracking the location of the parcel on the website, you can always control the delivery and will not lose it under any circumstances.

Free delivery to your doorstep!

If the product is marked for free delivery - this means that the item is sent directly from the supplier to the recipient address (so our direct partners, working with us on a regular basis). Thus we save the cost of re-shipment of the goods from the dealer to the customer.

However this product can be, and we have in stock, but sending it from the us will incur additional! The difference is that the free shipment from the manufacturer takes a very long time, because it uses economical option, and sending us will be several times faster! As this product is available for accessibility it when you pick up or install at the place in our service!

Pay shipping.

If the product doesn't show up on free shipping - means this item is in stock or requires manufacturing in our production. Some manufacturers prefer to work exclusively on the conditions of delivery of goods to your dealer. Sometimes the same conditions are a custom Studio, which ceased trade with Russia and make an exception only for us as their dealer.

In this case, to calculate shipping cost we need your email address that you can specify when ordering the item card. The cost of the item and shipping will be combined in the totals and agreed with you.

In the presence of your product and your presence within the ring road, we can offer courier delivery to the specified address!

Why don't we work with cash on delivery:

1. The recipient, who had not prepaid the goods are not sufficiently motivated to obtain it operational, and thus can just forget about it and miss a parcel period of storage, to change his mind while he was in the way or he can change financial circumstances... and thus the sender will incur a loss for such an order pay shipping at their own expense "there" and "back", and will suffer losses for lack of product in stock at the store while he travels for his own account.

2. To get the cash you need to stand in a queue in the post office and fill out some forms. Filling out forms is at best 10 to 15 minutes and standing in line at the usual rural post office takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. Spending so much time to receive payment for the order is not appropriate.

3. Payment in cash on delivery payment is received only after the receipt of the parcel by the recipient, and that, given the "speed" of delivery of regular mail, the time can range from weeks to months + shelf life parcels at the post office up to 1 month, depending on when the recipient will deign to pick it up. I.e. the receipt of payment for item and shipping may take from a week to a couple of months.

4. In the interest of the seller to receive payment for the goods as soon as possible, to invest its cost to purchase or manufacture a new product or party. Sending the goods on delivery, the seller pays for the cost of the product and posting it and actually goes negative on costs without the ability to wrap the goods sold in the new, and is likely to receive for this item payment and not incurring losses is reduced to 50x50...