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Payment and delivery.

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You can pay for the goods that are in stock on the spot, upon pickup without prepayment. Please note that non-prepaid goods are not reserved or postponed!

Before arrival, it is recommended to check the availability of the product you are interested in by phone or make a pre-order on the website so that we can contact you in case of its absence.


For a product that is in stock, but its delivery is required, the shipping cost is calculated and added to the cost of the product. The cost of sending the goods depends on the weight, dimensions of the parcel, the chosen delivery method, as well as the distance of the recipient.

The shipment is carried out after 100% payment of the goods and the cost of delivery.

If the product is made to order or manufacture.

If it takes time to make an order or it is delivered directly from the manufacturer, then 100% prepayment is also required for its registration and dispatch to production, including the cost of delivery, if it is required.


We deliver goods throughout Russia, as well as to the countries of the former Soviet republics, Europe and other countries. The path of the goods is tracked on the postal service website by entering the tracking number for tracking the parcel, which is provided when sending your order. By tracking the location of the parcel on the website, you can always control the delivery and will not lose it under any circumstances.

Four reasons why we do not work with SDEK delivery and do not ship small orders.

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Why we don't work with cash on delivery:

1. The recipient who has not prepaid the goods is not sufficiently motivated to receive it promptly, and thus may simply forget about it and delay the shelf life of the parcel, change his mind while he is on the way or his financial circumstances may change… Thus, the sender will incur losses for such an order by paying for delivery at his own expense "there" and "back", as well as incur losses for the absence of this product in stock in the store while he travels at his own expense.

2. To receive cash on delivery, you need to stand in line at the post office and fill out several forms. Filling out the forms takes at best from 10 to 15 minutes, and standing in line at an ordinary rural post office takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. It is not advisable to spend so much time on receiving payment for an order.

3. Payment for cash on delivery is received only after the recipient receives the parcel, and this, taking into account the "speed" of regular mail delivery, can range from a week to a month + the shelf life of the parcel in the post office up to 1 month, depending on when the recipient deigns to pick up the parcel. Ie, receipt of payment for the goods and the cost of sending can stretch from a week to a couple of months.

4. It is in the seller's interest to receive payment for the goods as soon as possible in order to invest its cost in the purchase or production of a new product or batch. By sending the goods by cash on delivery, the seller already incurs costs for the cost of the goods and its dispatch and actually goes into negative costs without the ability to wrap the sold goods in a new one, and the probability of receiving payment for this product and not incur losses is reduced to 50x50 ...

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