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Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard winter storage services.

WINTER STORAGE SERVICES. We have at our disposal a modern, two-storey, heated motorcycle service for 26 motor seats, in which we produce winter storage of Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard motorcycles!

In addition to storage services, we are ready to provide professional off-season maintenance: optimization, repair and tuning of your motorcycle, as well as pre-season maintenance.

Why waste time on repairing, optimizing or tuning your tank during the season, if all this can be done during storage?

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MOTORCYCLE WITH SIDE TRUNKS - 3.500 RUBLES PER MONTH!You can leave the motorcycle equipment when putting the motorcycle in storage and leave light.

- Helmet storage - 100 rubles per month.
- Motorcycle jacket storage - 100 rubles per month.

The cost of maintenance, optimization and tuning is calculated based on the aggregate and volume of services: Please note that the cost of services in aggregate is lower than the same services separately - the more services are provided at a time - the lower their cost!

The schedule of the motorcycle service out of season: from October 1 to mid-April, the motorcycle service works only for the maintenance of motorcycles in winter storage!

  • check-in for winter storage is made from October 1st to October 30th;

  • departure of motorcycles is carried out from April, upon favorable weather conditions.

Rules of arrival for winter storage:Payment.

  • For those who are with us for the first time - 2,900 rubles a month, for permanent - 2,500 rubles a month.
    Payment is made upon arrival immediately 6 months in advance (October - April). A month of overexposure is paid separately - 1,900 rubles per month during the season.

  • Maintenance, repair, tuning. The floor and the place where your motorcycle will be stored depends on the list of works in winter storage.
    That is why the list of works is compiled when the motorcycle arrives, as well as its cost and the cost of materials for their implementation are calculated. Materials are paid in advance. The work can be paid at will - immediately, before departure or during storage.
    Materials are reserved and applied only after full payment. The estimated cost of materials without their full payment is not fixed - if the materials are paid later than the settlement date, then a recalculation is made before payment, taking into account current prices and availability. Many materials can be made to order with varying degrees of expectation and therefore it is not recommended to delay the payment of materials later than the beginning of January!

THE SERVICE is "OVEREXPOSURE" (available from May to September). If for some reason you have nowhere to go or nowhere to put / leave your motorcycle for a long time - it can be stored with us on the second floor of the motorcycle service!

The cost of storage is 1,900 rubles per month.POPULAR PRODUCTS ON OUR WEBSITE: