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Gear indicator with the function of LIFTING the MAXIMUM SPEED LIMITS for Suzuki Boulevard M109R / C109R / M90 / C90 or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VLR1800 / VZ1500 / VL1500 +VIDEOS!

price: 16 250 р.

Digital indicator (sensor) transfer function of LIFTING the MAXIMUM SPEED LIMITS for Suzuki Boulevard M109R / C109R / M90 / C90 or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VLR1800 / VZ1500 / VL1500.

All Suzuki motorcycles with engine capacity more than 1 liter plant equipped with a special "cap", which does not allow them to go beyond 5,000 rpm transmission top gear and thereby to develop the maximum speed...

Some manufacturers offer original solutions for the removal of this limitation by installing various "blendes" in an open regular transaction of motorcycles, but not in all cases it will be convenient and right...

Faux are quite simple: they remove restrictions that provide the "brain" of your bike about the information included speed, for example, constantly simulates a motorcycle ride on the 4th gear. "Brains" also include restrictions only on the 5th gear and if they don't see - and there are no limitations, even if you are already going for 5th! The functionality of the bike's "cheating" does not affect, but only if the bike does not have installed or embedded transmission indicator... the fact that even on older models Suzuki M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R 06-09 years, which was not originally equipped with gear indicator - these indicators can be set as optional equipment. Unfortunately, combined with a simple "dummy" all the indicators cease to function properly, constantly showing, for example, the 4th gear. What to do in this case?

To resolve this problem, set the gear indicator with advanced features, which includes in his scheme, and the "dummy" for the brain of the motorcycle and an advanced indicator which bypasses issued a dummy data and correctly displays the information about the transmission!

Recommendations for use:
This version of the indicator (sensor) ideal for all motorcycles with non-integrated transmission indicator, for example, Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder VZR1800 M109R / M1800R (06-09 years), because it will fulfil both functions. However, they will be suitable for models of bikes with built-in sensors of the transmission, but only if you want to remove the speed limit and are prepared to sacrifice functionality built-in indicator, which will cease to correctly display the data...

In contrast to conventional indicators of transmission advanced sensor plugs not plug in diagnostics, and in an open standard connector (chips) indication of transfer. Is this "chip" to the right of the driver seat, under the plastic, on the vertical part of the frame of the motorcycle. The sensor has a separate power wire that needs to be solder to the thick orange wire coming from the ignition switch.

Additional equipment:
The sensor has a modest transmission dimensions (3cm in height, 2cm width, 1.5 cm depth) and can be installed on any smooth surface to pre-installed on the back side a double Scotch, but there are more aesthetically pleasing accommodation! We can offer you a special holder sensor with bracket for fixing it to the handlebar of your motorcycle (see photo # 2,4,6,8). The holder is available in chrome and black. To see and purchase a chrome holder you can at this linkand black here...

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