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Monoenergetic "Cupper" - additive for all types motoric oils for wear protection and restoring of engines without disassembly VIDEO INSTRUCTION ON OIL change!

price: 2 250 р.

Additive "Cupper" is designed for wear protection and restoring of engines without disassembly. The composition creates on the working surfaces of the protective layer of plastic of metal with a thickness of few atomic layers. This protection significantly reduces stress, provides increased heat removal from the friction zone, provides the host mode antiwear friction. As a result, the engine according to its performance characteristics superior new and guaranteed to serve dozens of times longer!

How to add an additive to the engine oil of a motorcycle.
In any case, you cannot add an additive to the canister and there to stir! The additive is ONLY needed in the hot oil directly INTO the ENGINE!

The amount of additive on one bike.
With the dosage it's simple: three-quarters of the bottle on one M109R! Then start the bike and warm up for about 10 minutes. To obtain the first effect must be to skate one tank of gas. One bottle of 75 ml for 4 liters engine oil - with this formula you can calculate the volume of the filled additive for any engine.

How often to use.
To fill at each oil change is not necessary - better to do it in time. Nothing terrible will happen if you fill and every time, but in order to save costs it is better not to, because the continuous use of the effect does not increase.

What is the use of this additive, your bike.
First, this additive makes conventional oil perfect viscosity and approximates its properties to "magic". Secondly, you save on gasoline. From personal experience, the average fuel consumption is down from 6-7 to 5-6 liters, and when traveling at a distance of 4.000 km before and after application of the additive I saved a third of the budget.

The list of magical bonuses.

  • Restores and re-forms the surface of friction parts of cylinder-piston group, crank and gas distributing mechanisms, virtually eliminating engine wear.

  • Increases and equalizes compression in the cylinders.

  • Increases the power and torque of the engine.

  • Reduces the amount of engine oil entering the combustion chamber.

  • Improves the process of combustion.

  • Reduces fuel consumption.

  • Significantly reduces engine oil consumption "on blast."

  • Increases to the nominal pressure in the oil system of the engine.

  • Increases the lifetime of nodes in tens of times.

  • Eliminates the negative effects of a cold start.

  • Easier cold start.

  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration.

  • Improves engine already in a 250-300 km.

  • Allows intermittent operation of the engine during the emergency leak of oil.

  • Significantly enhances detergency motor oil, gradually washes old deposits to bare metal.

  • Restores the thermodynamics of the engine.

  • Ten times slows the process of oxidation of the engine oil.

Video instruction for changing oil on Suzuki VZR1800 / M109R with the addition of the additive "Cupper".

On 28-Oh to minute of this video to learn more about rules fill additive "Cupper" in the motorcycle!

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