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Universal BLACK handle "Spike" of the series "AV" for all types of motorcycles +VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ON installing the HANDLES AND the removal of the STOCK throttle!

price: 15 250 р.

Universal BLACK "Spike" handles of the "AV" series (English production) for all types of motorcycles.

These pens are suitable for lovers of useful and beautiful custom! On the one hand, they will emphasize the individuality of your bike, and on the other, they will be faithful companions on any trip, making it convenient and comfortable.

Advantages of "AV" handles:

  • the inserts in the handles are made of a dense material more similar in composition to plastic than rubber, which allows you to feel the control of the motorcycle more realistically;

  • despite the increased rigidity, the material of the inserts retains heat very well in cold weather;

  • inserts in structure consist of a huge number of small "spikes" that do not allow the hand to slip and are pleasant to the touch;

  • pens are not painted and do not get their hands dirty under any circumstances;

  • locking the position of the left handle is made by tightening 3 hexagon clamps, which will not allow it to scroll even with a lot of effort and does not require additional sizing or fixing to duct tape.;

  • the throttle handle has its own plastic sleeve for installing cables and two types of fasteners for them for different types of motorcycles;

  • they are installed very simply and quickly without the need to save any stock parts of standard handles;

  • there is no need to lubricate the steering wheel to pull the handles when installing or applying any additional efforts or installation tools - anyone can handle it;

  • they are very beautiful and comfortable!

Complete products:

  • Complete glossy black cones for fork and steering nut feathers can be found at this link...

  • The complete black matte cones for the fork and steering nut feathers can be found at this link...

  • Also, but only for the M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R, there is a set of plugs for the front and rear wheel axles, which you can find here...

Video instructions for installing "Spike" handles.

Video instructions for dismantling the throttle handle on the example of Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

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