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VERSION 3.0 CHROME dashboard with transmission sensor and oil and coolant temperature sensors for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or Boulevard M109R.

price: 51 950 р.

VERSION 3.0 CHROME dashboard with transmission sensor and oil and coolant temperature sensors for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800/M1800R or Boulevard M109R motorcycle.

Features of the model: This is one of two variants of dashboards, which, among other functions, makes up for the shortcoming of designers who forgot to provide a transmission sensor on models 06-09, corrected only in models from 2010!

Differences between version 3.0 and version 2.0: Version 3.0 differs from version 2.0 by having two separate temperature sensors and their location on the dashboard.
In versions 2.0, the oil and coolant temperature sensor are combined into one device and the data is viewed by switching the button located on the sensor itself.

Design options: The chrome version can be purchased in this product card.

The transmission sensor (indicator) is connected to the standard diagnostic connector located under the driver's seat.
At the same time, you do not need to solder anything!
The oil temperature sensor is screwed in instead of the standard plug from the bottom of the engine, and the radiator temperature cuts into the standard hose of the cooling system. There is no need to "farm" anything - an amateur can cope with the installation.

Equipment. The chrome dashboard is installed instead of the stock steering wheel mounts on the Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or Boulevard M109R (2006 to 2009) and contains:

  • the transmission sensor, which is connected to the diagnostic connector and reacts instantly to the transmission switching, unlike analog systems that read rotation data;

  • an oil temperature sensor that will help extend the life of the engine at the beginning of the season, in cold weather, when it is necessary to warm up the engine to 40-50 degrees before the trip;

  • the sensor of the cooling system - will not allow you to miss the moment of liquid leakage from the radiator and will prevent other problems associated with fluid loss or fan failure.

Delivery: Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, to the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe.
At your request, you can choose to send by regular mail, EMS or another transport company when approving the order. The cost of shipment is calculated upon receipt of information about the recipient's city and depends on the dimensions and weight of the cargo.

It is also possible to pick up the order from Pushkino, Moscow region or delivery by courier within the MKAD (subject to approval).

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