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Pandora VX-4G GPS motorcycle alarm system with GPS and GSM functions for all types of motorcycles + INSTALLATION!

price: 27 500 р.

Universal advanced motorcycle alarm Pandora VX-4G GPS with GPS and GSM functions.

Let's immediately forget about the different opinions that a motorcycle does not need an alarm system and that it does not work on it! These are all memories of ancient "signalers" and garage electricians who put alarms on twists and don't even bother to seal anything! Such "alarm installations" work until the first wash or rain...

In order to qualitatively install a motorcycle alarm system that would last an unlimited amount of time on a motorcycle (it did not rot or short-circuit during the first season), it is necessary to thoroughly know the device of the motorcycle on which it is installed, and additionally seal all the system components! We specialize in installing alarms ONLY on Suzuki Intruder and Boulevard in proven motorcycle locations according to a scheme worked out over the years and therefore guarantee the correct and reliable functionality of the installed systems!

We closely monitor the updates on the market of motorcycle alarm systems, try to study new products as quickly as possible and adapt them for installation on motorcycles that we are engaged in. At the moment we are installing the Pandora VX-4G GPS system.

Pandora VX-4G GPS Functionality:

  • autorun (installed by special request);

  • GSM - communicates by voice with the owner by phone: independently contacts the owner, reports the situation, condition, and also accepts voice and "push-button" commands from the phone;

  • GPS – determines the exact coordinates of the motorcycle and transmits them to the owner's mobile phone;

  • impact sensor, tilt, seat removal, trunk, etc.;

  • microphone - you can call "on a motorcycle" and listen to what is happening next to it;

  • dialog code - outdated key rings are no longer needed, because the system recognizes its owner remotely by a special tag*;

  • smartphone integration and app management;

  • other useful functions, including seat removal sensors.

*Now you do not need to use key chains to control the alarm, which are inconvenient to take out of pockets in motorcycle gloves and which are constantly pressing all sorts of buttons in these pockets! From now on, you can carry a small tag with you, the signal of which will be automatically read by the motorcycle's security system.

Pandora VX-4G GPS will arm your bike automatically as soon as you move away from it at a certain distance, and when you approach, it will disarm itself. The tags operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, which eliminates any possibility of electronic hacking, and if you lose the tag, you can enable or disable the alarm from your mobile phone by entering a service PIN code.

In the protection mode, the motorcycle is protected by shock, tilt sensors, as well as engine blocking. When any of the sensors are triggered, Pandora VX-4G GPS blocks the operation of the motorcycle and sends data to your mobile phone.

In addition to the security functions, Pandora VX-4G GPS will warn you about a low battery charge, allow you to remotely lock or unlock the engine, request data on the state of the system and you can perform all these manipulations via your mobile phone!

Package contents:

  • base unit;

  • keychain tag (2.4Ghz) (2 pcs.);

  • main cable;

  • microphone;

  • LED indicator with cable;

  • reed sensor (2 pcs.);

  • plastic screed L450;

  • CR-2025 battery (2 pcs.);

  • documentation.

Pandora VX-4G GPS alarm installation services.
We provide services for installing the Pandora VX-4G GPS motorcycle alarm system on all Suzuki Intruder/Boulevard models, including our favorite M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R.

The cost of installing an alarm system on Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R motorcycles is 8,000 rubles.

The cost of installation on other motorcycle models ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 rubles (the cost depends on the complexity of access to the installation sites and the amount of work on disassembling the motorcycle).

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, to the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. At your request, you can choose to send by regular mail, EMS or another transport company when approving the order. The cost of shipment is calculated upon receipt of information about the recipient's city and depends on the dimensions and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible to pick up the order from Pushkino, Moscow region or delivery by courier within the MKAD (subject to approval).

Learn more about payment and delivery...

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