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Direct-flow CHROME or BLACK exhaust system "PRO STREET TURN OUT" for Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R +VIDEO!

price: 112 750 р.

Powerful ramjet exhaust system "PRO STREET TURN OUT" for Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R motorcycles.

Specification: This direct current was created in the USA for bikers who can't ride a quiet motorcycle!
The sound of this "direct-flow monster" will not leave anyone indifferent from nearby, regardless of whether they want it or not. Stylish, laconic design and side-turned exhaust vents give the motorcycle an aggressive and sporty look. Installing "PRO STREET TURN OUT" opens up many opportunities for further customization of your motorcycle, because it completely frees its rear wheel and pendulum! Now you can make any details of the rear wheel chrome-plated or come up with something completely new, because this space is no longer closed by stock silencers!

Despite its compactness, the "PRO STREET TURN OUT" has a decent collector system that releases the full range of torque for this motorcycle!

Design options: chrome version;

  • completely black version, which is suitable for versions without chrome - BOSS.

Do not forget to indicate in the comments to the order which version of "PRO STREET TURN OUT" you need.

Recommendations: 1) If you have a European (Intruder) - he has oxygen sensors (lambda probes) and for the correct operation of the direct-flow system, you need to install special emulators instead of these sensors.
They will remove the "FL" error of the system, which will constantly flash on the dashboard of the motorcycle, as well as make the system work in 100% mode without damaging the engine. Emulators for models up to and including 2007 can be found here... Emulators for models from 2008 and above can be found at this link... 2) Also, when replacing the standard muffler with a direct-flow one, you remove the servo that controls the damper in the drain exhaust system.

Usually, the "masters" simply remove the servo drive, but the motorcycle cannot know that the servo is no longer there and is still trying to work with it, which affects the power and performance of the engine. The motorcycle computer informs you about the "unsynchronization" of the system by flashing the "FL" error on the dashboard! Garage masters often bite the wire that goes from the "brains" of the motorcycle to the servo power supply and the problem of flashing the error disappears... But the error is not treated by cutting the wire - don't do that! You need to remove the servo and install an electronic emulator instead, which you can purchase with a diode indicator at this link or without an indicator here... 3) When installing a direct-flow exhaust system, the engine is released from exhaust gases much faster and therefore, in order to create a proper air-fuel mixture, a little more air is needed than regular air filters are able to pass!

Usually, in this case, external "zero filters" are installed, instead of regular air filter tanks, but they absorb dirt and dust directly from the external environment, which will have a deplorable effect on the engine. The right thing to do in this case is to put low-resistance filters in the standard air filter tanks, which you can find here... 4) Also, to create a correct and optimal air-fuel mixture, you need to use a clean fuel filter, which must be changed at least once every three years.

You will find the original fine fuel filter here... 5) The octane number of the 95th Japanese gasoline, which is recommended by the manual, is equal to our 98th (now renamed the 100th).

Unfortunately, the octane number of our gasoline is increased not by the quality of its production, but by additives, and that is why iridium candles are needed for its complete combustion in the engine! Unlike conventional candles, iridium candles do not require cleaning and setting a gap every 6,000 km. Iridium candles are tested every 5 years, and also have a spark 4 times thicker and the ignition frequency is ten times higher than that of conventional ones. With iridium candles and hundredth gasoline, the power of your motorcycle is a multiple of the age without damaging the valves even without direct flow, because the engine is designed specifically for high-octane gasoline. Vibration will also significantly decrease, and the air-fuel mixture will burn inside the engine, revealing its full power. Ordinary candles do not have time to burn high-octane gasoline in the engine and its burning is carried out in the exhaust system, which is determined by the "shooting" of direct currents... A set of iridium candles can be found at this link... 6) When installing any direct-flow system, a technical hole opens, which was previously hidden by a drain silencer, and the drain plug ("shell") covering it earlier absurdly hangs over it.

We recommend replacing this drain plug with a custom version that completely covers all the technical holes of the motorcycle and returns a logical appearance to your bike. There are two variants of such a plug on our website: black and chrome.

7) In compliance with all of the above recommendations for the adaptation of the direct current, it is recommended to entrust the automatic control of the optimization of the air-fuel mixture of your bike to the fuel chip "Cobra POWER PRO BLACK", which you can find here...Delivery:

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, to the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe.
At your request, you can choose to send by regular mail, EMS or another transport company when approving the order. The cost of shipment is calculated upon receipt of information about the recipient's city and depends on the dimensions and weight of the cargo.

It is also possible to pick up the order from Pushkino, Moscow region or delivery by courier within the Moscow Ring Road (if agreed).

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