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VERSION 4.0 BLACK dashboard with coolant temperature sensor and voltmeter for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / BOSS or Boulevard M109R from 2010 and above +VIDEO AND VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS!

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VERSION 4.0 of the BLACK dashboard that includes a coolant temperature sensor and voltmeter for the Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or Boulevard M109R / BOSS motorcycles from 2010 and up.

Differences between version 4.0 and previous versions:
Version 4.0 differs from versions 2.0 and 3.0 in the absence of a transmission sensor on the dashboard, because since 2010, on this model of motorcycles, engineers have corrected their defect and installed a standard transmission sensor in the instrument part of the tachometer. Also in this version, the oil temperature sensor is replaced with a voltmeter!

Design options:

  • You can buy the black version in this product card.

  • The chrome version of the panel 4.0 can be found at this link...

The radiator temperature sensor cuts into the standard hose of the cooling system, and the voltmeter is connected to the negative battery mark and the second wire is "powered" in the plus from the ignition. You don't need to "farm" anything - an amateur can handle the installation. Each kit includes installation instructions with detailed photos.

The black dashboard is installed in place of the stock steering wheel mounts on the Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or Boulevard M109R from 2010 and above and contains:

  • cooling system sensor-will not allow you to miss the moment of leakage of liquid from the radiator and will prevent other problems associated with loss of liquid or fan failure;

  • a voltmeter that will prevent unpleasant situations associated with a malfunction of the charging relay, the generator and the battery itself!

Video on installing the dashboard version 4.0 on the Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or Boulevard M109R.

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