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Universal handle "Cruise" of the series "AV" function of the cruise control +VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ON installing the HANDLES AND the removal of the STOCK throttle!

price: 12 250 р.

Universal handle "Cruise" of the series "AV" (English production) easier to use the cruise control for all types of motorcycles.

These pens are perfect for lovers of not only beautiful, but useful tuning! The fact that the handle "Cruise", in addition to stylish design have an additional feature that opens new possibilities to control the bike on long journeys is cruise control. Now at multi-kilometer distances when you have to hold the throttle in one position, and the wrist is starting to go numb, you can just relax your hand and the back of your hand should rest on a convenient stop. This emphasis, or, as it is called bikers, "fin" located on the right side of the throttle and has a comfortable shape for the stop side of the palm, which allows you to control the speed simply putting your hand on the throttle.

The advantages of pens "AV":

  • inserts in the handles is made of a dense material similar in composition to plastic more than rubber, which allows you to experience the motorcycle driving more realistic;

  • despite the increased rigidity of the material of the inserts is very warm in cold weather;

  • insert structure consists of a huge number of small "spikes" that do not allow the hand to slip and pleasant to the touch;

  • handles are not painted and do not stain hands under any circumstances;

  • lock the position of the left handle is produced by tightening the 3 hex fasteners, which will not allow it to scroll even with a large effort and requires no additional sizing or fixing on the tape;

  • the throttle stick has its own plastic sleeve for installation of cables and two types of mounts for them for different types of motorcycles;

  • very simply and quickly installed without the need for any stock parts regular pens;

  • there is no need in greasing the wheel for tensioning the handles when installing or applying additional effort or funds to install - anybody can perform;

  • they are very beautiful and comfortable!

Video guide to installing handles series "AV".

Video instruction on dismantling the throttle on the example of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

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