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Original clutch hub for Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR800/M1800R motorcycle.

price: 35 650 р.

Original clutch hub ("tambourine") for Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR800 / M1800R motorcycle of all years of manufacture.

The "folk" name of this part has been established as a "tambourine" and this is the very part that "rattles" in the clutch on a wound-up motorcycle. When the clutch lever is squeezed out, this "rattling" sound disappears, because the springs in the "tambourine" are activated (compressed) and stop rattling in their cells. Over the course of motorcycle operation, the springs in the hub decrease in volume and begin to hang out more in their cells than they increase the "rattling" sound in the clutch. The springs in the hub are not disassembled and the "tambourine" changes only in the assembly. If you decide to replace this part, then you need to change it to a restyled version from 2010 and above. The fact is that two versions of this part are still being produced, both for 06-09 and for 10 years and above. Both parts are interchangeable, but there are a number of improvements in the clutch hub from 2010 that improve the overall performance of the motorcycle clutch and therefore, when replacing it, it is necessary to put the model from 2010 and above. We have a restyled version on sale!

Original factory article and product name: HUB,CLUTCH SLEEVE - 21410-48G10-000.

The article number of the old version of "tambourine": 21410-48G00-000.

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