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DYNAMIC, linzovannaya RGB headlamp WITH XENON REVO "Devil's Eye 3" for Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder M109R VZR1800 / M1800R +VIDEO AND the VIDEO tutorial!

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DYNAMIC RGB version linzovannaya headlights with Bixenon REVO "Devil's Eye 3" ("Devil's eyes 3") for Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder VZR1800 M109R / M1800R.

It's just an incredible gadget for your bike, which no doubt will gather around him the enthusiastic crowd on any bike-fest! Now you can not only choose the illumination color of the Central part of the lights and the brightness of the xenon, but also control lighting with your smartphone! This incredible opportunity Farah got through the installation it latest dynamic RGB backlighting, as the main halo, and the control module, which provides a wide range of possibilities for creating a light seteffects.

Among the new features:

  • selection and memorization of any shade of ANY COLOR of the outer halo lights;

  • adjust the contrast and brightness of your chosen light;

  • EQ mode with the choice of style of music from the device control light will operate in EQ mode the music played on the connected device;

  • EQ mode from the microphone spotlight will work in EQ mode, reacting to the loud music in the 200-metre radius ;

  • start dynamic mode backlight - various combinations of colors will move around the perimeter halo lights, depending on the choice of options and their combinations.

Additional benefits:
When you install the lights you get the ability to enable and disable the running light and also turn on and off the backlight separately from each other, combining the degree of lighting and effects! But most importantly, the motorcycle is no longer dependent on old or had sat many days on the stamps battery that refuses to turn the starter if you automatically turns on the head lights or xenon when you turn the key. With a new spotlight, "Devil's Eye 3" you can turn the head lights on only when needed and not to waste on the remains of the battery charging, in the case described above, because now you have the switches, head light and illumination!

Package contents:

  • not collapsible internal bulb lights (NO EXTERIOR PLASTIC exterior plastic lights remained regular);

  • backlight center your chosen color and RGB halo and xenon already installed in the headlight (Bixenon are also offered: 4500 Lumina (yellow), 6000 Lumina (white) and 12000 Lumina (white-blue);

  • the control unit for dynamic RGB backlight;

  • two buttons are invisible for enable and disable of xenon illumination;

  • the cable kit to connect the Bixenon and the dynamic lighting with relays and fuses.

Fabrication and design options:
The spotlight is always made to order! When you order "Devil's Eye 3" you have the opportunity to choose the color of the center lens (of 7 colors), as well as the brightness and color of the main light (Bixenon). The color, hue and brightness of the halo "eyes" can be changed without restrictions already in operation.

Bixenon are advised to choose maximum brightness - 12000 Lumina (white-blue). Also supplied is a manufacturer of complete buttons to enable and disable the xenon illumination and suggest to use custom chrome buttons "mikrikov"! To see the chrome version of these buttons you to Buy black versions of these buttons at this link...

Video installation instructions REVO "Devil's Eye 3" on a VZR1800 / M1800R / M109R.

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