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Custom bracket rear turn signals with INDIVIDUAL ENGRAVING and led backlight for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or M109R Boulevard / BOSS +VIDEOS!

price: 23 170 р.

Custom design bracket rear turn signals with individual engraving and led backlight plates for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or M109R Boulevard / BOSS.

This multipurpose bracket is designed for maximum customization of your bike and will serve as his calling card!

This bracket (for mounting turn signals) has several features:

  • the bracket comes with a metal plate, European license plate-standard with individual engraving on black background;

  • the frame bracket is installed with bright led backlight that illuminates the plate with the ignition of the motorcycle;

  • elongated base bracket, which closes a little more wheel than a regular custom mount for screen labels, but significantly reduces the throwing of dirt on the rear fender after you remove regular plastic "tail";

  • despite the elongated base bracket is much shorter than the stock tail and visually opens up the rear wheel no worse than a standard short fasteners;

  • the bracket consists of several separable parts and lets you replace the metal plates with engraving, and you can also change the color of the frame.

Using this bracket, you will discover a wide rear wheel and clean up the bike inside the rear wheels that will give your bike a whole new sporty look! Also various brackets for fixing the rooms at the rear wheel you can find on our website in the relevant section...

Design options: conventional chrome and yellow BOSS.

  • Stock option for a specified in the product card the price is made with a chrome frame and a nameplate with a black background.

  • It is possible to manufacture a similar version with yellow frame cost for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R Boulevard M109R BOSS or.

The bracket is made of steel with a thickness of 3 mm and is equipped with chromed or colored metal frame with pre-installed led light. In addition to the frame and the bracket kit includes the necessary fasteners and a metal plate with a black background and a laser-engraved custom design. Term of manufacturing of the bracket is 10-15 days depending on production and availability of components.

Mounting system and installation process:
Installation metal fittings for the turn signals will not take much time. To start, you need to remove (cut) the entire plastic part of the fender, including the number and "ears" regular turn signals (you need to disassemble the rear fender and remove the plastic fender liner). After removing the extra part of the plastic that was covering the wheel, a new custom mount is easily installed in a regular landing slot located under the rear fender and bolted the regular bolts through spacer washers. It is also necessary to connect the backlight bracket to plus-size and minus common. If you have any questions about removing unnecessary parts of plastic - call.

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It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, or delivery by courier within the Moscow ring road (subject to agreement).

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