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Universal digital gear indicator for motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard M50 / C50 / M90 / C90 or Intruder VZ800 / M800 / C800 / VL800 / VZ1500 / VL1500, as well as other Suzuki models.

price: 14 950 р.

Digital display switching (plug and play) for Suzuki motorcycle Boulevard M50 / C50 / M90 / C90 or Intruder VZ800 / M800 / C800 / VL800 / VZ1500 / VL1500, as well as other Suzuki models. Made in the USA!

If you are owner of Suzuki M50 / C50 / M90 / C90 / VZ800 / M800 / VL800 / VZ1500 / VL1500, then you are probably faced with the situation when approaching the intersection, you have no idea what program is right now your bike... Start from traffic lights in such a situation can be a great surprise both for you and for the participants of the road when your bike stall in the centre of the intersection, starting, for example, with the second... exactly for such situations need sensor shift that will help you many times!

Unlike similar devices on other bikes this indicator responds to changing gears instantly, because it reads the information directly with the "brains" of the bike.

Please note that the digital gear indicator is suitable for big quantity injector Suzuki motorcycles that have a standard diagnostic port. In most cases the sensor is used on models of Suzuki, which do not have a regular indicator, but the sensor is applied on motorcycles, which have lost staff indicator in response to global alterations of appearance.

This sensor is recommended for use on the following models:

  • C50 Boulevard (05-08 year) / M50 (05 years and above), C90 (05-12 year) / M90 (from 09 years and above).

  • M800 Intruder / VZ800 (05 years and above), С800 / VL800 (05-08 year), VL1500 (05-12 year) / VZ1500 (from 09 years and above).

  • Other compatible models: DL650 V-Storm (year 04-11), DL1000 V-Storm (04-13 year), GSF650 Bandit (07-08 year), GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (07-09 year), GSF1250 S/SA Bandit (07-16 year), GSX1400 (04-09 year), GSX-R600 (04-05 year), GSX-R750 (04-05 year), GSX-R1000 (03-04 year), RMX-450Z (all year), RM-Z250 (all injector), RM-Z450 (all injector), SV650 (03-14 year), SV1000 (03-09 year).

Design options:
The transmission transducer is available in different colour options digital display:

  • red;

  • green;

  • blue;

  • orange;

  • white.

The cost of the sensor the transmission does not depend on the choice of color of the digital display. The choice of color may affect only waiting for your order in the case, if there is no sensor you are interested in the color of the indicator...

Nothing to solder and no need to configure! The transmission transducer is installed in the standard diagnostic connector and wire digital indicator displays on the handlebars of the motorcycle, or at any other place convenient for you!

Additional equipment:
The sensor has a modest transmission dimensions (3cm in height, 2cm width, 1.5 cm depth) and can be installed on any smooth surface to pre-installed on the back side a double Scotch, but there are more aesthetically pleasing accommodation! We can offer you a special holder sensor with bracket for fixing it to the handlebar of your motorcycle (see photos # 1,2,4). The holder is available in chrome and black. To see and purchase a chrome holder you can at this linkand black here...

Delivery is available throughout Russia, the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. If you wish, you can choose to send regular mail, EMS or other transport company in the approval order. The shipping cost is in obtaining information about the recipient and depends on the size and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, or delivery by courier within the Moscow ring road (subject to agreement).

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