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Universal kit with smartphone controlled RGB backlight for motorcycle +VIDEO AND the VIDEO tutorial!

price: 5 900 р.

Set RGB lighting control using a smartphone for any type of motorcycles.

Now your bike will Shine with new colors in the truest sense of the word! Using a special smartphone app, you can remotely connect to the backlight control of your motorcycle and choose any colour and shade of the backlight, and adjust the brightness and much more!

But perhaps the most important function RGB backlight mode is "disco". This feature translates your motorcycle in conditions of a great equalizer! Imagine that you came to some motorcycle "bike fest" and fit the bike closer to the stage, turn on the "disco" with the reaction to the loud surround sound... Now your bike will be the equalizer for any music on the stage and this show will not leave anyone indifferent!!! Also the function "disco" has various modes: "pop", "rock", "jazz", "normal" and supports the function of EQ with the music playing on the Manager they device.

Package contents:

  • 4 sealed four-pin connector;

  • RGB wire to connect the segments of the backlight Assembly;

  • the control module Bluetooth with protection from power supply and voltage fluctuations;

  • RGB tape RUSSIAN PRODUCTION with a maximum brightness of the diodes;

  • 5 tubes of special adhesive for application to RGB tape is double-sided tape.

The service to install the illumination kit.
We offer you purchase this kit not only remotely or with self, but with the installation!
The cost of installing this kit, for example, Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder M109R VZR1800 / M1800R, is 15.000 rubles! Installing this kit on one bike is a full 4 days!

If you are planning to install lighting yourself, be sure to read the guidelines for applying tape RGB in video and other a very important points on proper installation of the device!

The connectivity options of power supply:

  • A simple button "in the gap" leads power control unit (in its sole discretion, but preferably the turn fuse). With the button "invisible" you can see here...

  • Any simple button, for example "invisible" + set wires for buttons connected through relay (reliable version). With the wiring kit with relay can be found at this link...

  • Universal chrome plated or black button on the handlebars of the motorcycle with a set of connections through relays and other components. With a chrome button you can see at this link, and with black here...

  • With all the options of buttons and remotes you can find in a special section of our website...

Installation RGB backlight motorcycle on the example of the Suzuki M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R.

Learn to solder RGB ribbon to install the light on the bike.

Delivery is available throughout Russia, the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. If you wish, you can choose to send regular mail, EMS or other transport company in the approval order. The shipping cost is in obtaining information about the recipient and depends on the size and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, or delivery by courier within the Moscow ring road (subject to agreement).

Read more about payment and shipping...

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