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Universal led light bulbs "INVISIBLE" (pair) orange glow for Intruder / Boulevard and other motorcycles with turn signals one-touch cap +VIDEOS!

price: 2 800 р.

Versatile and very bright led light bulbs "INVISIBLE" (pair) orange glow for the turn signals with one-touch cap!

Most often these bulbs are used as replacement of conventional light bulbs in all four turn signals on a Suzuki Intruder and to replace light bulbs in rear turn signals on motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard. The fact that in contrast to the "Intruders" on "Boulevard" the front bulbs have two contacts and for them we have a unique offer, which will be written below or you can go to this link...

These bulbs are made of VERY high quality and is specially designed for transparent white glass headlights or turn signals! "INVISIBLE" they are called because in the off state, they are colorless and not visible inside the turn signals!

These bulbs are suitable for use on most motorcycles with one-touch caps, turn signals, but in our case they were very popular on Suzuki Intruder for the following reasons:

  • almost all the Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard in orange glass turn signals are used, which are often replaced with custom white glass, under which normal bulbs become visible and do not look nice;

  • for models of the Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard series "LIMITED EDITION" with existing staff white rear turn signal lenses, successfully replace the conventional incandescent lamp with an ORANGE glass, which, to put it mildly, under the white rear turn signal lenses look strange;

  • motorcycles Suzuki Intruder, in contrast to the Boulevard have all four of the indicator with one-touch caps and "INVISIBLE" is ideal for complex replacement terrible orange glasses and conventional light bulbs, beautiful custom;

  • diode "INVISIBLE" has a negligible current consumption in contrast to conventional incandescent bulbs;

  • not heated;

  • have a much longer service life compared to conventional bulbs.

Bulbs are sold as a couple and individually! The price in the item card is for a PAIR!

Additional recommendations:

  • As for Suzuki Boulevard front turn signals have two blades and work like dimensions and turn signals at the same time, "INVISIBLE", we recommend you to use them only as a replacement for tail lights, turn signals and the front will fit the bulb "TWINS"with white running light and amber turn!

    Card diode two-pin light bulbs "TWINS" you can look at this link...

  • Diode lampochki "TWINS" and "INVISIBLE" is recommended to be installed on a motorcycle Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard complete with white or tinted custom rear turn signal lenses that you can buy on our website.

    With the card of white glass for turn signals you can see here... With a card tinted glasses you can get at this link...

  • When replacing normal incandescent bulbs to the diode there is a difference in the frequency of flashing of the turn signals - diode bulbs are flashing much faster than normal. Not to engage in "itaukei loads", as was done previously, we recommend to replace the stock relay turn signals for custom analog, which you can purchase on our website at this link...

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