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SUPER BRIGHT auxiliary lights / dimensions / turn signals "Sirius" made in the USA for all types of front and rear CHROME motorcycle +VIDEO!

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Super bright auxiliary lights / dimensions / turn signals Sirius for all types of CHROME motorcycle! Manufactured in the USA!

The elegant design of this extra light to your bike will cause genuine interest, and the bright led light will exceed all your expectations! Lights have a METAL housing and sealed internal basis, which ensures their durability and high reliability!

Through the use of thin plate diode, these lights simple to put on and snap in arcs tightly around and repeating their shape. Thus, it seems that additional light is installed inside the arcs themselves, because almost nothing stands for the dimensions of pipes!

By its brightness diode lights Sirius easily replace and even surpass conventional halogen headlamps, which are very well seen in the stream even during the day!
I personally use one of advertising motorcycles data diode lights and very quickly took the decision to install a separate switch. The fact that they were too bright to use as running lights, and road users take them for xenon! The practice of using this extra light I can say this is an essential running lights for riding in traffic, as well as a vivid and salutary middle light when night driving in poor or unknown road. And if you are on the road we meet a pack of vampires - this world, without a doubt, incinerate the undead!

50% discount on the installation of the diode headlamps Sirius with us!
For the purchase of the second pair of data diode headlight discount of 3,500 rubles!

These additional lights are available in three types for a single price:

  • With the headlamp in matte black or glossy design you can see at this link...

  • Lights Sirius in chrome housing you can order in the item card.

Options light diodes.
The color of the diodes may be different for your choice:

  • white;

  • green;

  • blue;

  • red - can be used for installation on the rear of the arc as the rear;

  • orange - can be used as running lights and as rear or front turn signals!

Do not forget to specify the color of the diodes in the order comments!

The options of sizes.
Diode lights Sirius are made in two sizes at a single price:

  • on arc with a diameter of 1 inch (2.54 cm);

  • on arc with a diameter of 1.25 inches (3.2 cm).

Do not forget to specify the diameter of the headlight housing in the order comments!

Diode lights Sirius should be in arc with the obligatory "pulling in" of wires inside the arcs that are required for drilling. Also do a metal case of headlamps fixed to the arcs using screws that are supplied and require the drilling of mounting holes in the arcs, as well as cutting internal threads!

Package contents:
The complete set includes two metal housing of the headlights for the diameter of arcs, two of glass, which are pressed by the housings to the arcs, diode plates, glasses, as well as the mounting screws. Equipment you can see on the product photo in this card.

The use of data diode lights can be combined and set them as additional dimensions in the front, for example, orange or behind - red, and can be replaced by their regular turn signals. If your motorcycle installed arc of type "Concept", then they can use several pairs of headlights "Sirius", for example, at the top of the white as dimensions, and on the lower tier orange as turn signals... And on the rear arc of the classical type can be placed orange lights Sirius as turn signals or red as dimensions or repeaters stoplight.

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It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow region or a regular courier delivery within Moscow ring road (subject to negotiation for additional payment).

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