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Linzovannaya DIODE and a very bright light bulb envelope for Suzuki Intruder other motorcycles with a bulb envelope to head the spotlight!

price: 700 р.

Linzovannaya DIODE lamp envelope with a white bright glow for Suzuki Intruder other motorcycles with a bulb envelope to head the spotlight!

This light has 10 bright diodes are white light enclosed in metal housing with built-in in the upper part of the lens for horizontal diffusion of light. Thus, the light illuminates not only the entire reflective surface of the headlamp and shines forth.

Most often these bulbs are used as replacement of conventional incandescent bulbs that are installed in headlamp of motorcycles. For example, Suzuki Intruder, in contrast to the Boulevard, head to the spotlight in addition to the suspension beam, there are additional lamp envelope. This lamp is switched on simultaneously with the abs light when you turn the ignition key, while not having separate buttons to enable and disable. Sense to use the bulb envelope together with the main headlight light no. However, during the installation of xenon that must be installed with the separate button for it on and off, a bright light envelope will assume the function of a daytime running lamp!

Please note that even an ordinary light bulb head light, ignition, requires quite a lot of energy, and if the battery has a weak charge? But if you already have xenon, which requires more charge to the ignition? To all this the lamp envelope is an ordinary incandescent bulb and also "pulls" the battery power... "Planted" or old battery may not draw automatic igniter head light when the ignition is on and the start charge will not be enough to start the bike... that is why the removal of the inclusion of the head light of the motorcycle on the special button and replace the bulb envelope on the bright diode and economical the light bulb will be the perfect solution!

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