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Scanner for online diagnostic fuel injection Suzuki motorcycles, Honda, Kawasaki with the support of a vast number of models of these brands +VIDEOS!

price: 18 850 р.

Scanner (module) for online diagnostics of electronic fuel injection motorcycles Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki with the support of a vast number of models of these brands!

Now, if your bike has any problems, no need to take it apart "test" the sensors, wiring and other units, relays and other devices "antiquated" ways! With the help of this device you for a few minutes will be able to diagnose your bike and identify all sources of problems! Connect and control the scanner is so simple that you will easily cope on their own, and support the interface of the Russian language makes its use available to everyone! Also, you may seriously save on document workflow, which delivered your bike to the metaservice on the metaservice service that is unlikely to have a similar diagnosis... you Need to pay attention to the fact that the scanner supports dozens of models of motorcycles, your chosen brand and you will be able not only to maintain your motorcycle, but also to help friends and acquaintances or open own service!

Scanners - is a rarity even for large motoservice in Moscow, and about such "devices" in other regions of our country is just unheard of... the Cost of diagnostic services of a motorcycle using such a device in Moscow starts from 1,500 rubles, which is an additional argument in favor of purchasing the device for personal use!

One-time scanning of the motorcycle:
The cost of a single scan of your motorcycle is 1,000 rubles!

Package contents:

  • compact storage case;

  • module with wiring kit to connect to a diagnostic port of the motorcycle and its connection with the USB connector of the computer;

  • updated online software.

Options scanners:
There are three type of scanner with identical functionality and configuration, but different connector chips diagnostics and support for a certain brand of motorcycles: Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki. When ordering on our website, be sure to specify the brand of motorcycle for which you need a scanner!


  • rapid identification of the source of the error injector FI;

  • reading values from sensors in real time;

  • testing of the sensors and stepper motors in real time;

  • automatic recording of the sensor readings, the ability to save history with the subsequent loss;

  • read log error codes;

  • history clean up error codes.


  • a small price compared to the factory counterpart;

  • free upgrade of software;

  • connection to PC via USB;

  • Russian language support;

  • reinforced construction, waterproof, comes with case.

A list of compatible scanners motorcycles:

AN250 Burgman (2003-2013), AN400 Burgman (2003-2017), AN650 Burgman (2003-2017) B-King (2008-2012), Boulevard C109R/T (2008-2015), Boulevard C50 (2005-2017), Boulevard C90 (2005-2017), Boulevard M109R/R2 (2006-2017), Boulevard M50 (2005-2017), Boulevard M90 (2009-2017), DL1000 V-Strom (period 2004-2017), DL650 V-Strom (period 2004-2017), DR125SM (ALL), FL125SDW (ALL), GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2007-2013), GSF1250 S/SA Bandit (2007-2016), GSF650 Bandit (2007-2015), GSR400 (ALL), GSR600 (ALL), GSR750 (2011 to 2016), GSX-R1000 (2003-2016), GSX-R600 (period 2004-2017), GSX-R750 (period 2004-2017), GSX-S1000 /F /A /FA (2015-2016), GSX-S750 (2015-2017), GSX1250FA (2010-2017), GSX1300R Hayabusa (2008-2017), GSX1400 (2004-2009), GSX250R (2018), GSX650F (2008-2015), GW250 (2011-2017), GZ125 (2007-2011), Gladius (2009-2015), Inazuma 250 (2011-2015), Intruder 250 LC (2015), Intruder C1500 (2005-2016), Intruder C1800R (2008-2015), Intruder C800 (2005-2017), Intruder M1500 (2009-2015), Intruder M1800R (2006-2015), Intruder M800 (2005-2015), LT-A300 KingQuad [ATV] (2015), LT-A400 KingQuad [ATV] (2010-2015), LT-A450X KingQuad [ATV] (2007-2011), LT-A500XP KingQuad [ATV] (2009-2015), LT-A700X KingQuad [ATV] (2005-2007), LT-A750X KingQuad [ATV] (2008-2015), LT-A750XP KingQuad [ATV] (2009-2015), LT-F400 King Quad [ATV] (2010-2015), LT-R450 QuadSport [ATV] (2006-2012), LT-Z400 QuadSport [ATV] (2009-2015), RM-Z250 [Injector] (ALL) RM-Z450 [Injector] (ALL), RMX-450Z (ALL), RV125 VanVan (2007-2015), RV200 VanVan (ALL), SFV400 (ALL), SFV650 (2009-2015), ST250X (2008-2011), SV1000 (2003-2009), SV650 (2003-2014), TU250 (2009-2017), UH125 (2007-2014), UH200 (2007-2014), UK110 (2015), UL250 (2008), UX125 (2008-2011), UX150 (2008-2011), UZ50 (2015), VL1500 Intruder (2005-2016), VL400 (2009-2011), VL800 Intruder Volusia (2005-2017), VLR1800 (2008-2015), VZ1500 (2009-2015), VZ400 (2009-2013), VZ800 Marauder (2005-2015), VZR1800 (2006-2016).
Please note that this scanner does not support the following models Suzuki: Boulevard M95 (2004-2007), VZ1600 Marauder (2004-2007), but these models are supported by the scanner for Kawasaki.

ADV 750 (2017), BF115A/D [Marine] (2005-2006), BF130A [Marine] (2005-2006), BF135A/A4 [Marine] (2004-2006), BF150A [Marine] (2004-2006), BF175A [Marine] (2003-2007), BF200A [Marine] (2002-2007), BF225A [Marine] (2002-2007), BF250A [Marine] (ALL), BF40D [Marine] (ALL), BF50D [Marine] (ALL), BF60A [Marine] (ALL), BF75A [Marine] (ALL), BF90D [Marine] (ALL), BPF60A [Marine] (ALL), CB1000R (2008-2017), CB1100 (2010-2016), CB1100EX (2017), CB1300 S/F (2003-2015), CB250F [with digital trip/odo] (2015), CB300F (2015-2017), CB400F (2013-2015), CB400SF (2008-2014), CB400X (2013-2016), CB500F (2013-2017), CB500X (2013-2017), CB600F Hornet (2007-2013), CB650F (2014-2017), CBF1000 F/FA (2006-2015), CBF125 (2009-2015), CBF600 (2008-2012), CBR1000RR Fireblade (period 2004-2017), CBR1000RR SP/SP2 (2017), CBR125R (2007-2015), CBR150R (2010-2015), CBR250R (2011-2015), CBR300R (2015-2017), CBR400R (2013-2015), CBR500R (2013-2017), CBR600F (2011-2013), CBR600RR (2003-2017), CBR650F (2014-2016), CRF1000L Africa Twin [no DCT] (2016-2017), CRF1000L Africa Twin [with DCT] (2016-2017), CRF250L/M (ALL) CRF250R/X (ALL) CRF450R/X (ALL), CTX1300 (2014-2015), CTX700 [no DCT] (2014-2017), CTX700 [with DCT] (2014-2017), Crossrunner (2011-2016), Crosstourer (2012-2016), the DN-01 (2008-2010), FES125 Pantheon (2003-2011), FES150 Pantheon (2003-2009), Fury (2010-2017), GL1800 Goldwing (2005-2017), GL1800 Goldwing F6B (2013-2017), GL1800 Goldwing F6C Valkyre (2014-2016), Grom (2013-2017), Interstate (2010-2016), MSX125 (2013-2017), NC400X (2013-2015), NC700 S/X (2012-2016), NC700 SD/XD/Integra (2012-2017), NC700X S/X (2017), NC750 S/X (2014-2017), NC750 SD/XD/Integra (2014-2017), NM4 Vultus (ALL), NPS50 (ALL), NSA700A (2008-2010), NSS250 Forza/Reflex (2001-2011), NSS300 Forza (2013-2017), NT700V Deauville (2006-2015), PCX125 (2012-2015), PCX150 (2012-2017), Pioneer ATVs [Injector] (ALL), SH125 (2005-2014), SH150 (2005-2014), SH300A (2016), SH300i (2007-2014), ST1300 / Pan European (2008-2015), Sabre (2010-2012), Silver Wing [ABS] (2012-2014), Silver Wing [non-ABS] (2012-2014), Stateline (2010-2017), TRX ATVs [Injector] (ALL) True Adventure (2016), VFR1200F / FD (2010-2016), VFR1200X (2012-2016), VFR1200X [no DCT] (2017), VFR1200X [with DCT] (2017), VFR800 Interceptor (2006-2016), VFR800X (2011-2016), VT1300 [ALL] (2010-2016), VT400 [Injector] (2009-2014), VT750C [Injector] (2007-2017), VT750S [Injector] (2007-2015), VTR250 (2009-2014), VTX1800 (2005-2012), Wave [Fi] (ALL), XL1000V Varadero (2003-2012), XL125V Varadero (2007-2014), XL700V Transalp [ABS] (2008-2014), XL700V Transalp [non-ABS] (2008-2014)

Brute Force 750 [ATV] (ALL), D-Tracker 125 (2010 to 2015), D-Tracker 250 [Injector] (ALL), ER-4F (2010-2012), the ER-4N (2010-2014), ER-6F (2006-2017), ER-6N (2006-2017), Estrella (ALL), KFX450R [ATV] (ALL), KLE300 (2017), KLE650 (2006-2017), KLX125 (2010-2015), KLX140 (2016-2017), KLX250 [Injector] (ALL), KX250F (2011-2017), KX450F (2009-2017), Mule [ATV] (ALL), Ninja 1000 (2011-2017), Ninja 250R [Injector] (2008-2015), Ninja 250SL / RR mono (2014-2016), Ninja 300 (2013 to 2017), Ninja 400R (2010-2014), Ninja 650 (2012-2017), Ninja 650R (2006-2011), STX-12F [JET SKI] (ALL), STX-15F [JET SKI] (ALL), Teryx [ATV] (ALL), Teryx4 [ATV] (ALL) Ultra [JET SKI] (ALL), VN1600 (2003-2009), VN2000 (2004-2011), VN900 (2006-2015), Versys 1000 (2012-2017), Versys 650 (2006-2017), Versys-X 300 (2017), Vulcan 1500 (2001-2008), Vulcan 1600 (2003-2009), Vulcan 2000 (2004-2011), Vulcan 900 (2006-2017), Vulcan S 650 (2015-2017), W800 (2011-2017), Z1000 (2003-2017), Z1000SX (2011-2017), Z125 (Pro 2017), Z250 (2013-2014), Z250SL (2014-2016), Z300 (2015-2016), Z650 (2017), Z750 (2004-2012), Z750R (2011-2012), Z800 (2013-2017), Z800e (2013 To 2017), Z900 (2017), ZRX1200 (2009-2015), ZX-10R Ninja (2004-2010), ZX-12R Ninja (2000 to 2006), the ZX-14 (2006-2011), ZX-6R Ninja (2003-2017), ZX-6RR Ninja (2003 to 2006), ZZR1400 (2006-2011)
Please note that this scanner supports the following models Suzuki: Boulevard M95 (2004-2007), VZ1600 Marauder (2004-2007).


Delivery is available throughout Russia, the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. If you wish, you can choose to send regular mail, EMS or other transport company in the approval order. The shipping cost is in obtaining information about the recipient and depends on the size and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, or delivery by courier within the Moscow ring road (subject to agreement).

Read more about payment and shipping...

After receiving the order, don't forget to leave your opinion.

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