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B/the original servo for motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard M109R / C109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VLR1800 all years of issue +VIDEO!

price: 8 900 р.

B/the original (normal / stock) servo for motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard M109R / C109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VLR1800 all model years!

Original article and item name: "ACTUATOR ASSY, EXHAUST CONTROL" - 33970-48G00-000.

"Servo" is a mechanical device that is controlled from the "brains" of the bike by stretching the two wires for regulating the opening and closing of the valve in the stock muffler. This process is very carefully calculated by the engineers of Suzuki and allows the bike to optimize power while driving and accelerates engine warm up at the start.

Unfortunately, when you install pramatarov, this unit is dominated by the dismissive attitude: it is removed and discarded, mutilated with all sorts of plugs, which will eventually derive a servo mechanism failure, etc, etc... In the best case, the servo is removed and retain, but instead put electronic emulator of the servo that is the right solution in case of installation of direct flow... But, in situations where on the bike you must return the stock exhaust system, and a servo already lost or incapacitated - is becoming a problem! Install stock muffler without the connection and the correct settings of the servo is pointless, because the exhaust system will not work properly and will not give the claimed speaker. About desync exhaust system and the engine will tell you the error F1, which will appear on the dashboard tachometer. If the servo installed, but not connected or connected wrong, and the error does not appear - this means that it was previously, and it "challenged the collective way" - pulled or cut responsible for its functionality wire "the brain". How to treat it - a different story (call tell). And for configuring the servo on the stock exhaust system can be found in the great original "manual" for servicing of the motorcycle.

Servos that we offer are tested, are in perfect working condition and ready to use. Almost all surprisedi removed with the installation of direct-flow exhaust systems replace themselves servos on e-emulators. Thus none of the servos to get hurt don't!

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