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Metal CHROME protection for the rear caliper "Fin" for motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder VZR1800 M109R / M1800R.

price: 13 950 р.

Metal CHROME protection for the rear caliper "Fin" for motorcycles Suzuki Boulevard or Intruder VZR1800 M109R / M1800R.

"Fin" successfully follows the contours and dynamics of a motorcycle wheel and the metal surface has a beautiful decorative lines of the "movement". But it is not only a beautiful addition to your bike that will make the technical part of the caliper design for the rear wheels - "fin" so it is a very useful addition! The fact that protecting from dirt rear caliper, "fin" will significantly increase the service life of the brake pads and reduce the wear of the disc itself.

This useful tuning a few years ago produced one of the famous American companies specifically for the Suzuki M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R, but for unknown reasons was discontinued. One of the lucky owners of this useful gadget has become and I, and after removing it from production I began to ask questions about where and how you can buy the same... Through the establishment of its own production, we managed to put on stream an exact copy of this most useful product and now we are the only manufacturer! Analogues protect the caliper for this bike just yet!

Design options:
We produce "fins" in black and chrome versions! With the black "fin" you can see at this link...

"Fin" is made from two metal plates with a thickness of 3 mm, which is collected through the factory weld in the General design, and the top is welded on two additional metal decorative pieces. All seams are factory equipment and guarantee the integrity of the structure during its operation, and do not have any decorative defects! After collecting design chrome or coat in a high temperature furnace with powder paint, under any circumstances, not fly, not oblezet and will not change the glossy look.

Package contents:
The set comes as himself, "Fin", and the fasteners consisting of two long bolts and two stainless steel caliper bushings - extension.

"Fin" is on top of the caliper with plenty of space around the perimeter of the working design and does not interfere with the mechanisms. Attachment by means of two long bolts with spacer bushings for the removal of the structure on its footprint. The threaded bolts instead of the stock caliper mounting bolts, replace them.

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