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RGB "horseshoe" with remote control and turn turn signals, brake and "emergency" for Suzuki Boulevard M109R / M90 / M50, or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VZ1500 / VZ800 +VIDEO DEMO AND VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

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Multizeta RGB led backlight (as it is called "horseshoe") for Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R / VZ1500 / VZ800 (10+) or Boulevard M109R / M90 / VZ800 (10+).

"Horseshoe" is installed only on regular rear fender under the passenger seat or the cover of the rear seat (see video and photos). The same "horseshoe" has a keychain remote control that allows you to switch a large number of modes and combine them at different speeds. In addition to decorative functions "horseshoe" has built-in support size, brake, turn signals and "hazard".

Full list of features "horseshoe":

  • the repetition of turn signals;

  • duplicates the envelope;

  • duplicates the stop signal;

  • has 5 speed modes effects;

  • has 7 color options;

  • there is a mode police strobe light;

  • supports the mode "emergency";

  • has 14 interactive modes;

  • operated by remote control;

  • you can use as the passenger seat and with the standard cover.

Package contents:
Remote control and sealed led light strip fixed mold with an installation kit.
Nothing to solder no need! The equipment is connected to the regular connectors of the motorcycle. There are color illustrated instructions!

Installation on a VZ1500 / M90.
To install the "horseshoe" on this model will need to swap two wires in a standard "trick" the power supply in the rear of the motorcycle. The necessity of the procedure due to the fact that VZR1800 / M1800R / M109R "chips" is the same, but wires are in different order.
If you have not a plastic cap, and passenger seat, you are ENCOURAGED to rasclaat his back side and 5-7 mm to whittle away the back of the plastic to a little more to reveal a "horseshoe" (see photo # 6).

Installation on a VZ800 / M50.
Although this "horseshoe" is not available for this model motorcycle, but it can be easily adapted for installation on the RESTYLED model Suzuki Intruder VZ800 / M50 Boulevard, but only from 2010 and up! To install the "horseshoe" on these models you must remove the standard token "horseshoe" and just solder wires to the appropriate wires power supply and control located under the driver's seat (the harness that goes under the rear wing).

Video installation instructions "diode horseshoe" for example M109R / VZR1800.

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