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Metal POLISHED Stainless steel "SKULL" Radiator Grille for Suzuki Boulevard M90 / C90 or Intruder VZ1500 / VL1500 +VIDEO!

price: 7 500 р.

Custom radiator grille "SKULL" made of POLISHED stainless steel for Suzuki Boulevard M90 / C90 or Intruder VZ1500 / VL1500.

  A very stylish accessory for your bike, which will replace the stock black and inconspicuous grille with an attractive tuning!


  • Boulevard M90 / Intruder VZ1500-from 2009 and above;

  • Boulevard C90 / Intruder VL1500-from 2014 and above (in the PTS, the model can be designated as 2013, if the year of physical production is specified, and not the year of the start of sales of this model).

Design options:

  • The stock version for the price indicated in the product card is made of polished stainless steel.

  • It is possible to manufacture a similar version of stainless steel in any color (7,700 rubles).

Complete products for M90 / VZ1500:

Manufacturing Installation:
The grating is made in Russian production from stainless metal with subsequent polishing. The drawing is cut by an industrial laser and has clear edges with reliable connecting elements!

This is not just a radiator grille or a cover plate - it is an all-metal housing that repeats the plastic box of the standard radiator protection, which has preserved all the landing and mounting holes!

To replace the radiator drain grate, it is necessary to unscrew its mounting bolt, remove it from the landing clamps and rearrange the rubber seals on the new grate, install it back! The entire process of replacing the radiator protection will take no more than 3 minutes.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, to the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. At your request, you can choose to send by regular mail, EMS or another transport company when approving the order. The cost of sending is calculated when receiving information about the recipient's city and depends on the dimensions and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible to pick up the order from Pushkino, Moscow region or delivery by courier within the MKAD (if agreed).

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