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Black BIG button the cruise control for pens-transformers ISO +VIDEOS!

price: 4 350 р.

Large universal BLACK key cruise control for pens-transformers ISO.

This key will be very useful for long trips when the long hand gets tired to hold the throttle to maintain constant speed. By the cruise control you will only need to rest on her side of the palm to relax the hand. These keys are much safer than their counterparts that capture the gas knob with the clamps and thrust, as in an emergency you want to remember about this accessory and "off" him... The "ISO" does not require shutdown and returns the throttle in the stock position when you release the palm rest...

Installation keys, cruise control and anti-vibration additional "weights" are provided on the handles "ISO" initially. By purchasing these grips you are able to set under the complete cover of the outer side of the handle, press the cruise control or "goodbye" with this plug and install instead of anti-vibration "weights" on both handles. Key is installed and combined with a complete plug and with weights or without weights the way you like best. Having the full set, you can always gather the desired configuration without any problems. Every so often a second key, the cruise control is put on the left grip of the handlebar for symmetry (without functionality).

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