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Complete kit to repair / replace the clutch + springs Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or M109R Boulevard 2006 - 2009 edition +INSTALLATION VIDEO!

price: 26 350 р.

This is a complete kit modified clutch for motorcycles Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or M109R Boulevard 2006 - 2009 from the Japanese manufacturer!

Please note that this clutch kit will fit models from 2010 and later, but solves a number of individual problems is on models 06-09 years!

The kit consists of a lightweight clutch disc and a set of springs of increased wear resistance, which not only correct failures of design 2006 - 2009, but allow for a more smooth shifting of ALL gears!

Now in this set we put the Japanese stock gasket engine cover, which is disposable and must be replaced immediately after opening the compartment clutch! Do not put the lid on the sealer is a "farm"! See photo No. 6 (article gasket 11482-48G00-000).

If you are having problems with your clutch on a Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard (M109R / VZR1800) 2006 - 2009, you replace the grip on a new stock - problems with shifting from first to second and rapid wear will come back to you! To change worn-out clutch, you need the new version - enhanced kit with the correction of design flaws of the first generation. This kit has a smaller weight disks that this time made of more durable and lightweight material, which reduces the load on the springs and reduces their wear. The springs are also made of more durable material, and the reduced weight of the clutch discs, eliminating their deformation and "loosening" that previously made much to rattle your grip. The kit also included the famous problem is exacerbated by the switching between the first and second transfer from the clutch went out at a faster pace...
The fact that the 06-09 models of the year was the structural defect that was between the sizes of the gear of the 1st and 2nd transmission was increased, the difference of teeth, leading to the possibility of switching between the first and second gear only at speeds below 15 km per hour (at speeds above the switching was difficult and led to breakage). In the models 2010 and higher, this problem was eliminated already in stock form. Thanks to the installation of new light plate set, the process of switching from the first to second gear as well is much easier, but that doesn't negate the fact that it's not a "sportbike" and insert speed into this kick is strictly prohibited!

Problems with the grip these things have no! These motorcycles have problems with some owners who like to incorporate speed kick! A special problem of this motorcycle owners who boarded them with sports bikes! I have one of the bikes 2008 with the stock clutch and no problems with it and it is not expected! Also if you change the grip on the discs of brand "EBC" (ABC) - buy two or three sets, since for the season, this "China" you will change at least 2 times!

Package contents:

  • full set of reinforced clutch disc;

  • set of 6 springs;

  • cover gasket of the engine.

We recommend also to purchase an extra set of stock disks for a full clutch replacement on your bike. With an additional kit you can find at this link...

The number of friction discs in the kit for model years 2006-2009 and 2010+ are different. Specify the year of manufacture of your bike when ordering!

Video on replacement and proper Assembly sequence of the clutch on the Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R or M109R Boulevard.

Preparation of a new clutch for M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R the first trip:

How to check the correctness of the "cutoffs" of a clutch lever of a motorcycle?:

Sudden loss of the power of a motorcycle - the simple reason...

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