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Interchangeable lens with HALOGEN bulb and wires to replace the bundled lens fog lights "Bright eyes" in the event of damage.

price: 3 950 р.

Replacement halogen lens (the bulb) with a bulb and wires to replace the bundled lens in the headlights "Bright eyes", in case of damage.

No one is immune from falling into the headlight lens of gravel or other hard objects that can damage or break it. Also we should not forget the fact that halogen bulbs have a greater heat output and capable of heating the glass lights up to serious temperatures. Using a complete the bulb in the inners of the headlight "Bright eyes", you are insured against cracked glass associated with exposure to cold water, but if you install a more powerful halogen bulbs, cold water can cause cracking of the glass. Try to avoid such situations, but if you already got in trouble with damage to the glass bulb - we offer the opportunity to replace it!

Please note that replacement lenses are sold individually, and with a card a full set of auxiliary lights "Bright eyes" you can see at this link...

Equipment and installation:
The set comes glass bulb (lens) and mounted it halogen light bulb with wires. The installation process does not require any special knowledge, because the damaged lens just removed from the headlight bulb and instead of it (same connectors) connects new. Nothing to solder it is not necessary - simply remove one and replace with another...

Delivery is available throughout Russia, the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. If you wish, you can choose to send regular mail, EMS or other transport company in the approval order. The shipping cost is in obtaining information about the recipient and depends on the size and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible pickup of the order from the city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, or delivery by courier within the Moscow ring road (subject to agreement).

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