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"COMBAT 2 IN 1" - best forward for Suzuki Boulevard / Intruder (M109R / VZR1800 / BOSS FOR 2014 is available in the black version +VIDEO AND the VIDEO tutorial!

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Perhaps this is the BEST direct-flow system for such a thoroughbred monster, such as Suzuki Boulevard / Intruder (M109R / VZR1800 (FOR BOSS 2014 comes in black version!!!).
Why is it better? "COMBAT 2 IN 1 EXHAUST SYSTEM" is created under the order in a custom Studio in the United States, has the best bass that does not go beyond the shock value of empty pipe and not "let the blood out of your ears", and gives really enjoy the sound! Also this system has an average price for pramatarov, and most importantly - THIS is NOT an EMPTY PIPE, AND the SYSTEM of collecting ELEMENTS WITH ANTI-REVERSE, releasing the full range of torque for this bike!!! "COMBAT 2 IN 1 EXHAUST SYSTEM" is a smart straight-through exhaust system with a noticeable bass, which really increase the horsepower of your bike without injury to the engine!
And don't forget that "COMBAT 2 IN 1 EXHAUST SYSTEM" awesome beautiful!!!

"COMBAT 2 IN 1 EXHAUST SYSTEM", in contrast to conventional pramatarov, does not require the installation of "Nulevikon" that kill the engine for 3 years and feels great with regular factory filters and not lose this added power! This system developed specially for this motorcycle in accordance with engineering requirements!

Package contents:
Complete installation kit with color illustrated instructions for installation from the developer.

Available in three types:

  • chrome plated with black lug tipped with polished faces (see photo 2);

  • fully chromed (see photo No. 1);

  • completely black (for M109R BOSS 2014) +67$

Based on this system, you can assemble the perfect package exhaust improve the power of a motorcycle 25-30 horses, if the forward flow add!

  • fuel chip which will automatically adjust the bike's computer for this system - he's here...

  • emulator ecsape, which should be set instead of the remote ecsape (which the "experts" just tear out during installation) - details here...

  • to use the emulator oxygen sensors (if you have Intruder) - up to 2007 here... from 2008 here...

  • to install a sports filter is stock - details here...

  • USE 98 PETROL - Japanese developers in the "manual transmission" recommended 95 petrol for the motorcycle, but not everyone knows that Japanese octane 95-octane gasoline is equal to our 98-mu!!! Boldly put 98-octane gasoline, because it is for Suzuki Boulevard / Intruder (M109R / VZR1800) is native!

The usual recommendations:
1) If you have a European (Intruder) - it has oxygen sensors (lambda probes) and for proper operation of the ramjet system, you must install these sensors instead of a special emulator. They'll remove the error of the fuel system, which will be constantly blinking on the dashboard of a motorcycle, and forced to work the system in 100% mode without damage to the engine. Emulators for bikes up to 2007 inclusive there. Emulators for bikes from 2008 here.

2) also when replacing the stock muffler, you remove flow control system alzapam. Usually "master" just remove it and pull out the wires, but the bike at the same time (brain) cannot know that ecsape is no longer and is still working with him, which affects the power and efficiency of the engine!!! Don't do it! No need to remove acsap, but simply in his "chips" you need to connect the emulator ecsape! Buy ecsape emulator can here.

3) With the installation of any once-through system offers a technical hole that was previously hidden stock muffler, and stock plug, covering his earlier, ridiculous hangs over him. We recommend to replace the stock plug on the custom option, which fully covers all the technical holes of the motorcycle and returns logical external view of your bike. On our website there are two types of such plugs: black and chrome.

Video installation instructions

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