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Diode white head light bulb "Polar star" for Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard motorcycles.

price: 3 200 р.

Very bright white head light bulb H4 "Polar star" for Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard motorcycles.

For a very long time we did not present diode head light bulbs in our online store, because there were several reasons for this. The first reason is that the diode bulbs previously had large cooling elements or even fans that could not be properly placed in the headlight of a motorcycle. A little later, soft elements began to be used as coolers, but they still greatly interfered with the placement of light bulbs in the headlight of the motorcycle. The second reason is that there were no high-quality diode lamps that could withstand the increased stress from operating on motorcycles.

Now we are ready to offer you a proven and very high-quality version of a diode head light that meets all our increased requirements!


  • the lamp has no additional cooling elements and is freely installed instead of the standard H4 bulb;

  • the original anther of the light bulb is dressed normally and does not require its removal or modification;

  • the light bulb uses a standard diffuser and shines in the right direction, creating a high-quality beam of white light, both at high and low beam;

  • the position of the light bulb is regulated by standard bay windows, both horizontally and vertically.

For proper and full use of the head light on Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard (and on other motorcycles too), it is recommended to separate the main head light and the front marker lights. To do this, it is necessary to take out the control of the main light of the headlight on a separate button so that the head lamp, when the ignition is turned on, does not consume the starting battery charge. If it is possible to turn off the main head light of the headlights of your Suzuki Intruder, you can install a powerful diode lens lamp instead of the usual bulb size and use it as a daytime running light! On Boulevard, where the parking lights are placed in the front turn signals, it is recommended to replace the orange glasses with white ones, and the bulbs with diode ones with a white dimension and an orange turn signal.

Video on optimization of standard running lights and head lights on Suzuki Intruder / Boulevard motorcycles.
Please note that the video is old and everything is relevant in it, except for the speech about bi-xenon, which is now replaced by a "Polar star" diode light bulb. The rest of the recommendations in this video are still relevant!

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