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Trim POLISHED stainless steel with the inscription "VZR1800" in the pendulum motorcycles Suzuki Intruder M1800R / VZR1800 or Boulevard M109R.

price: 5 950 р.

Custom POLISHED stainless steel trim plate, with the inscription "VZR1800", on the right side of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R / VZR1800 or Boulevard M109R pendulum of all years of production.

"VZR1800" is the designation of the motorcycle series, which is divided into Boulevard M109R for the US market and Intruder M1800R for Europe. Thus, any Suzuki Intruder M1800R / Boulevard M109R has the general designation of the VZR1800 series!

The trim is most often used when installing shortened ramjet exhaust systems, which open up the boring stock pendulum of the rear wheel. The installation of such an overlay will serve as a stylish and noticeable addition to the design of your bike, as well as turn a dull stock pendulum into an attractive element. This pad exactly repeats all the bends and technical protrusions of the stock pendulum, taking into account its fasteners, and also has the ability to install internal lighting. When you install the backlight under the overlay, the effect of the internal glow of the stencil letters is created, which reflect the light with their faces.

Manufacturing and design options:

  • The version with the inscription "VZR1800" is made of polished stainless steel for the price indicated in the card.

  • You can find the black and yellow version of this overlay here...

  • At your request, we can make an overlay With ANY INSCRIPTION, without changing the cost - you can specify your wishes for changing the inscription in the comments to the order.

  • It is possible to produce a similar version of stainless steel in any color (6.500 rubles).

Complete products:

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  • You can find the bracket of the number "Flame VZR1800" here...

  • The bracket of the number "Flame VZR1800" with the silhouette of a motorcycle can be found here...

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  • You can make a complete radiator grille based on the existing options, which you can find here, or create a completely new model.

The pad is installed on the pendulums of motorcycles of this model of all years of production and is attached to the standard bolts used to fix the brake hose distributors. No special knowledge or analysis of any parts of the motorcycle is required to install the lining.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, in the countries of the former Soviet republics and Europe. At your request, you can choose to send by regular mail, EMS or other transport company when approving the order. The cost of sending is calculated when receiving information about the recipient's city and depends on the size and weight of the cargo.
It is also possible to pick up the order from Pushkino, Moscow region or delivery by courier within the Moscow Ring Road (if agreed).

Learn more about payment and delivery...

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