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Custom reusable air filters low resistance to regular "cans" Suzuki M109R / VZR1800 / M1800R VIDEO ON REPLACEMENT FILTERS!

price: 11 950 р.

REUSABLE custom low-resistance air filters (pair) for Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R.

It's no secret that the installation of any "direct current" requires the use of not only servo emulators and lambdas (if you have an Intruder), iridium candles, a clean fuel filter and high-octane gasoline, but also to provide the engine with an additional volume of air. Most often, this is done by installing "nulls", but they take air from the external environment and do not provide the necessary filtration. As a result, after 3-5 years of using external zero filters, you will need to adjust or repair the engine... In addition, some models of "nulls" do not allow the installation of safety arcs...

To avoid these problems, we recommend using low-resistance filters for standard air filter barrels! The use of these filters provides the necessary additional air flow for direct flow, but at the same time dust and dirt do not enter the engine, just as when using standard air filters! These filters are reusable and are maintained in the same way as external zero filters, as well as do not interfere with the installation of any types of safety arcs!

For automatic optimization of the air-fuel mixture supply on motorcycles with installed ramjet exhaust systems, the use of the "Cobra" fuel chip is recommended. The card of this chip can be found at this link...

Video on replacing air filters on the Suzuki Boulevard M109R or Intruder VZR1800 / M1800R.

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